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Why Website Templates Are Worth It

Introduction Website Templates can be a lifesaver if you are just starting on the world -wide -web. Templates can save you big money and time. It is common knowledge that “design houses” charge a minimum of 1k for a complete website filled with images and text. Again, this is the minimum they would charge and I would estimate that the average price of a website you will pay is approximately 2-3k. Why are you paying this much for a website?

Most of it is because you can’t build one yourself, so the cost skyrockets for convenience. Is there anything you can do to reduce this skyrocket effect? Yes, you can! Website templates often get connected to cheap or bad design, but the point is somewhat valid since there are tons of low-quality templates and what’s worse is that it’s being sold on many template websites.

Why Website Templates Are Worth It 1

Don’t Give Away Your Bank Account.

How many times have you seen the same templates on different websites? The solution is probably a lot, so the solution is to find QUALITY templates from a company that keeps their products in-house. There is such a thing as affordable quality website templates, really there is. We define quality as a template with excellent interface design, navigation, color theory, and overall impact power.

The Power of Flash

A powerful website template should make a powerful positive statement. Flash really makes an amazing impact in this process because it can encompass sound and animations. Flash can give you the wow factor that static HTML can’t supply. Corporate websites such as Adidas and Mercedes use a fair amount of flash to deliver the message across. These guys know the power of Flash, so we should probably look into the reasoning behind this.

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High Impact Design

So the question, where can you find affordable website templates? is the ticket if you’re looking for something that can create a high-impact impression and not break your bank account. Website templates also have the ability to be modified to your liking, so after you change out the graphics, color scheme, or move around the navigation, you essentially have your own creation.

Custom Design Vs. Templates

There is absolutely room for both in this vast universe we call the web, and both options have their strengths and weakness. The bottom line is cost. Do you have a few grand to spend on a website? If you don’t, a quality template will probably be your best bet. For approximately $100, you can purchase a very nice template and spend the rest on marketing and promotion.

With the vast amount of money you will be saving, you can hire somebody to modify your template the way you want it for perhaps $300. I don’t believe in cheap recycled templates, but I recommend looking into high-quality templates that can present you the way you should be presented. You truly have one shot at making a great impression, don’t ruin it with a cheap, overproduced template.

The Choice Is Yours, Be Wise about It

The real reason is a recent beef with several “design houses” overcharging the average person looking for a nice website. I know people have to make money running a business, but there is something wrong about producing a bill that is thousands over what a website is worth. There will be talking about what a website is truly worth, but I have been in the design business for several years and have worked in a corporate environment.

I have personally seen where we would charge 10 times what a website truly costs as far as workforce hours, and it made me sick to see that. So Dreamlinestudio was invented to bridge that gap between quality and cost. I think that we not only bridged that gap, but we also overlapped and paved a new road for better internet.

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