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Sony VAIO Z and Apple MacBook Pro Comparison

For 2 years, I owned an Apple MacBook seasoned, which became nothing but hassle. I sooner or later changed it months ago with a Sony VAIO Z. In this text; I shall compare the two notebooks. Before I begin, I notice that the MacBook Pro becomes a 2.4GHz core 2 Duo 2008 refresh model costing £1300 while new, with a 4GB RAM and 7200 RPM tough power upgrades.


The VAIO Z is a custom construct from the Sony fashion save; the VAIO Z V collection lacks the DVD drive and an ordinary tough drive instead of the quad SSD of its extra steeply-priced X collection brethren. On top of this model, I introduced a £30 (because improved to £50) upgrade from 2.four GHz to 2.53 GHz Intel center i5 processor and the £50 (because increased to £70) 1920×1080 pixel display instead of the standard 1600×900. This brought the smaller VAIO to £1400, an increase of £100.

I will break the evaluation among the two up into classes:


I opted for the £50 improve to the 1920×1080 (complete HD) show at the 13.1″ VAIO Z, and whilst the gamut is actually tons higher than the 15″ MacBook seasoned (on par with or maybe even barely better than my HP LP2475w display you see it with to the left), the full HD decision is simply an excessive amount of for a 13.1″ display screen. Using evaluation, the 2 inches larger MacBook seasoned only had a 1440×900 display, which felt an excessive pixel density!

The DPI settings in home windows 7 do alleviate the hassle, really, but placing a better DPI comes with its own toll – incompatibility with a little software program, Dreamweaver CS4, to call one out. As you may see from the screenshot, for most Dreamweaver’s interfaces, the DPI settings do not affect (they have to make UI elements and textual content bigger) but within the residences bar at the lowest, the bigger length reasons alternatives to be cut off the display. Other programs have smaller issues together with pixellated icons and UI factors.

Overall performance

the two. fifty-three GHz Intel core i5-520M processors in the VAIO clearly is a slight enhance over the 2.4GHz Intel middle 2 Duo of the MacBook. However, it is to be predicted; two years have handed since MacBook was brought out. It is tough to examine overall performance because the MacBook became running Snow Leopard. The VAIO of the route is jogging Home windows 7, so the operating system probably has more of an influence on perceived overall performance than the processor. The marginally faster 7200 RPM drive in the MacBook helped the snappiness no stop, so I am quite sure an upgrade from the 5400 RPM drive to an SSD would help the VAIO no give up.

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Both laptops had been fitted with 4GB RAM, which never appeared enough within the MacBook and seems to be even greater of a burden on home windows 7. With Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Firefox open, the system slows to move slowly. The VAIO Z has a smart little switch to switch among the Intel integrated images (k for net surfing) and the onboard NVIDIA GT 330M 1GB photos. An ‘automobile’ role switches to the included graphics while on battery strength. It’s with a little trepidation that I purchased any other computer with NVIDIA images, due to the fact it’s their fault my MacBook died, however, something. They have got probably fixed that difficulty now.

I’m no longer a gaming character, so I have not given the NVIDIA chip a big exercise, but Photoshop CS4 seems to lag at the VAIO for some purpose. Inspire of not anything else open (to take away RAM as the cause), simple stuff like scrolling around an image or zooming has a pretty nasty delay. The equal actions were once buttery clean at the MacBook and are not almost so horrific on my computing device. Ordinary. Another quite huge trouble is that with the pictures switch to the automobile.

The computer holds off switching the photos if something is its usage that might be suffering from the switch. Every so often, this cutoff comes into movement and, not using an apparent purpose, refusing to exchange photographs. Sometimes, the cutoff fails to work, causing the pc to crash and bluescreen, or at least, pressure close something application became the use of the photos.

I am getting a bit fed up with Photoshop crashing and dropping all my paintings simply because I unplugged the computer, so now the transfer is pretty an awful lot completely set to NVIDIA’s most effective mode. Terrific concept and the battery life are chunk higher whilst using the incorporated portraits, but the implementation within the OS is my no method seamless.

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