LIC Pension Plans

LIC pension plans are deliberate to offer people with everyday profits in the course of their antique age. Pension additionally called retirement plans are specifically for the people who are willing to make their antique age financially comfy. There are numerous pension plans that the life insurance business enterprise of India gives people to assist them pick the most apt one relying on their modern-day monetary situation. Those regulations are planned not best to present financial protection to the people however also their households and relatives.

The primary objective in the back of LIC of India to initiate those pension plans is to provide widespread income to people after their retirement from task. Pension plans are distinctive from lifestyles coverage plans and are taken to cowl the jeopardy throughout unlucky activities.

There are 5 main LIC plans which might be lively presently. The details of these plans are indexed under:

Pension plus

Pension plus is a completely unique 401-k wherein a person taking this plan can take out one-0.33 of the corpus from the lump sum quantity. The rest of the two-0.33 quantity might be paid either monthly or half of-every year after maturity as in step with the holders wish.

This policy is to be had in paperwork; debt fund and mixed fund.

A certain minimum hobby rate of three.5% p.a. shall be permitted to the ceased coverage Fund comprised by means of the fund really worth of all ceased policies. This Fund might be paid a minimal interest rate of 3.5% p.a. from the day of discontinuance of the coverage to the day of end of 5 years from the initiation of the coverage. In case of loss of life of the coverage holder, the hobby will collect from the day of suspension of the policy to the date of reserving of criminal responsibility.

The minimum age required for a man or woman to adopt this plan is to 18 and the maximum age is seventy five years. The minimum adulthood length is 10 years.

Jeevan Nidhi

Jeevan Nidhi is a earning deferred annuity plan. Below this pension plan, the coverage holder needs to pay premiums over the whole time period plan. On this scheme, the sooner a person this plan, the extra corpus will he receive on retirement. The USP of the 401-k plan start at the age of forty years. The holder may also acquire a sure addition of five in keeping with cent of the sum assured over the primary 5 coverage years.


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On adulthood, he can modify one-1/3 of the complete corpus together with the sum assured, the assured additions, the bonuses affirmed and a terminal bonus, if any and should buy a pension with the left over quantity.

If the policyholder expires at some degree within the term of the scheme, the beneficiary can be given the amount assured and the gathered guaranteed additions and bonuses. The beneficiary additionally has the alternative of purchasing a pension with this quantity.

There are five annuity alternatives in movement presently:

•Annuity for the whole lifestyles;

•Annuity for a hard and fast time segment of five, 10, 15 or two decades and for life after that;

•Annuity for entire lifestyles with go back of purchase price to the beneficiary;

•Annuity for whole life rising at three in step with cent in line with annum and

•Annuity for life with stipulation of 50 in line with cent of annuity to the partner of the policy holder, after his demise.

Jeevan Akshay VI

LIC’s Jeevan Akshay- VI is a 401-k plan for people who are presently in their retirement age and have no pension. That is deliberate for instant purchase via human beings.

LIC can pay the coverage holders a steady charge at trendy time periods beginning proper away after the holder pays a lump sum top rate towards the fee of the coverage. The annuitant can take delivery of the fee as consistent with his wish either month-to-month, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly.

One has to post general age evidence at the time of access. He will must pick the desire at the beginning of the plan.

Investors can pick from any of the five options:

•Annuity payable for lifestyles

•Annuity payable for lifestyles with assured length of 5, 10, 15 or two decades

•Existence annuity with a return of buy price

•lLie annuity increasing at a set rate

•Joint existence and last survivor annuity

Minimal age to avail this coverage is forty years and most age is 79 years. Minimal buy charge is extra than 50,000 and a sum that earns a certain minimum annuity for every choice

New Jeevan Dhara 1

New Jeevan Dhara 1 is a pension plan in particular planned for experts who need to tackle a 401-k and cozy their monetary situation after retirement. This scheme allows the person to make association for ordinary profits after retirement. The man or woman can pick out on how he desires to pay the rates either yearly, half of-yearly, quarterly, monthly or through revenue deduction. The top rate could be paid in a single lump sum.

Policyholder can installed a term statement rider by way of giving a further price. By way of the asset of this rider, in case of loss of life of the policyholder at a few degree within the deferment level, quantity confident chosen beneath term assurance, rider could be paid. Bonus is likewise payable under the policy.

For this policy, the minimum age at access is 18 years whilst the most age at access is sixty five years.

New Jeevan Suraksha 1

New Jeevan Suraksha-I is an inimitable 401-k deliberate to provide pension from a specific retirement date. The scheme may be taken over by using any person who desire to get pension after retirement. Beneath this plan, a character has to pay single payment or everyday charge over the suspension length to at ease a pension starting up at an upcoming date. Policyholder has the selection to pay a single top class or everyday top rate both annually, half of yearly, region or month-to-month.

Policyholder can installed a term announcement rider with the aid of giving an additional fee. With the aid of the asset of this rider, in case of death of the policyholder at a few degree inside the deferment degree, quantity confident selected underneath term assurance, rider will be paid. Bonus is also payable below the policy.

The minimum age at access for this policy is 18 years, whereas the maximum age at access is sixty five years.