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HTC One M9 Review


Last 12 months, HTC gave us one of the first-rate smartphones ever made; it turned stunning, elegant, had a notable performance, mature, clean software, and welcomed this phone with open fingers.

This yr, HTC made a truly ordinary decision that left some of us a piece confused. Basically, The HTC One M9 attempts to update the things that failed to quit work on M9 while preserving and refining everything that made the M8 this kind of outstanding telephone. However, the stop product does not seem to be a great deal distinct from the previous model.

This will not be a horrific thing, in yet again. But since 2015 is this kind of exceptional year for telephones, full of improvements and such fiercely aggressive marketplace, we marvel if HTC M9 has what it needs to head against the likes of Galaxy S6, iPhone 6, or LG G4.

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As predicted, HTC has a great interest in the element. The HTC One M9 has a sophisticated, fashionable layout, with an angular frame, a high nice matte finish on the metal case (doesn’t keep fingerprints), and now proposing an unmarried steel piece positioned with the precision of watchmakers into the rear casing.

The M9 is glaringly smaller than the M8 (less complicated to apply one-surpassed) but a chunk bulkier (2.eight×0.4×five.7 inches) and heavier (5.28 ounces). Nevertheless, the phone may be very nicely balanced, the gentle matte end makes it less slippery, feels softer in hand, and it’s miles less complicated to address thanks to the pointy rear line.

A few adjustments made from the M8 is the now rectangular-shaped camera and that the strength button no longer rests at the pinnacle of the smartphone. Rather, it’s miles now located on the right aspect, under the extent controller and the MicroSD slot (yes, it has a microSD slot!). Additionally, the phone functions as a micro USB and 3.5 mm jack that relaxes the lowest of the cellphone.

The hassle is that every one the buttons appearance and sense the same and the volume controller and strength buttons are too near together so it’s smooth to miss the proper button. The version comes into some exciting variations: silver on gold, gunmetal gray, gold on purple, and gold. Audio is provided with the front dealing with BoomSound stereo audio system (with Dolby optimization) that we keep in mind to be the nice speakers on smartphones.

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