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Most people would agree that having a computer to work on or play games is a necessary part of everyday life. The modern PC can be used 24 hours a day for various tasks, but what do you do when programs run slow or your internet surfing experience grinds to a halt? There are a few simple techniques you can try at home to fix your ailing computer.

The first is to uninstall and programs or games that might be slowing your PC down. For example, many new games take up massive hard disk space and are not compatible with older or budget-priced computers. So go into the windows control panel and uninstall all the games or other software you do not need.

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Please remember always to uninstall any software via the Windows control panel. Never delete folders or shortcuts from the desktop or program files. Doing this can seriously fragment files and slow down your computer. The most important step you can take to help up speed up a flagging computer is to defrag the system hard disk. You can do this yourself in all recent versions of Windows that are used today, including Vista, XP, and the new Windows 7. To defrag your computer, find the accessories folder and then access the system tools folder. The Windows Disk Defrag utility program is located inside this, along with other basic diagnosis tools.

Follow the on-screen prompts and let Windows defrag your computer. The whole process can take a few hours if you have lots of files that need organizing back into their correct place. This is because when you defrag your PC, you are telling Windows to restore all the fragmented and lost files into their rightful place.

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Try to defrag your computer at least once a week; this way, your PC will run faster, and programs are less likely to crash. After a computer hard drive defrags, you will need to restart Windows to complete the process. Please be aware that Windows has only a basic disk defrag tool, and you should consider buying a powerful PC software program that can deep clean your PC system. Use the best disk defrag tool to speed up your computer. PC Health Advisor is recommended because it is far more powerful than the free tool inside windows. Defrag today in seconds.

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