2Gig Home Security System



The 2Gig alarm  system  is by far one of the best  security   systems  to have come along in a long time. The color touch screen makes it easy to see and operate. Arming and disarming the system involves a few taps on the screen to complete the operation. The status of the system is also easily viewed on a color touch screen display. Each device in the system can be programmed with a custom message. This is essential for knowing exactly where the alarm is being generated.

Color Touch Screen Display

The size of the screen is 3.75 x 2.25. All of the functions are displayed in full color. All of the features are available from the color touch screen. Remote features such as arming, disarming and panic are interfaced with a key fob. The 2gig control panel can also be accessed remotely using any computer or smart phone. This is available through alarm.com.

2Gig Door Sensor

The wireless door sensors are compact and easy to install. The programming of the sensor is straight forward and easy to understand. The sensor itself is one of the smaller in size. The only sensor smaller is the DSC Door sensor. The sensor comes in white as do most door sensors. Very few door sensors have multiple colors available. The door sensor also has the ability to use magnetic door switches that may already be installed in your home. There is a 2 wire adapter that can be used that is connected to the existing door contact. The surface mounted door contacted blends very well with most door jambs but in some cases the white sensor is not pleasing to the existing décor. In this case the door sensor can be located out of view and you can use a recessed magnetic door contact.

2Gig Motion Detector

Theses motion detectors have a unique mounting bracket that allows you to easily adjust the direction of motion detector. The detector can be swiveled to the left or right or adjusted up or down. It can also be mounted without the bracket. Inside the detector there are adjustments for sensitivity and pet immunity. The pet immunity allows for pets ranging from 33lbs or 55 lbs. If you have a pet larger than that then maybe you do not need a  security   system  (just joking). There is a walk test feature that should be used during the installation of the motion detector and can also be utilized if false alarms are an issue.

2Gig Smoke Detector

This smoke detector is a wireless photoelectric smoke detector with a built in heat detector. The heat detector is dual purpose. It has a 135 degree fixed sensor and also a rate of rise heat detector. The rate of rise detects a fast temperature change that could indicate a fire before smoke is actually entering the smoke detector chamber. There is a walk test feature but you will need a glass break simulator tool to accurately test the unit.

2Gig Glass Break

The glass break detector should be used on windows that do not open. This would be your large panes of glass that are typically located in a living room or even in the storefront of a business. The sensor can detect glass breaking from a distance of 15 feet in any direction. They are mounted on the ceiling.

2Gig Carbon Monoxide detector

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer that is undetectable to us through smell, taste or sight. Many people die each year while sleeping. The carbon monoxide detector saves lives by detecting high levels of carbon monoxide and alerting you before it is too late.


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2Gig Super Switch

This device is one of the most innovative devices that I have seen in some time. Many  home   security   systems  are in need of an upgrade. In recent years technologies have advanced quickly and  security   systems  do get obsolete and they do wear out and stop functioning correctly. In most cases the original door magnets work fine. The super switch allows you to reuse up to 8 hardwired zones per switch. Your old security panel remains in place and the super switch integrates the existing hard wired zones into the new 2gig panel. This allows your system to be wireless from the panel location to the new control panel. This is a huge cost saver. The cost of eight new wireless door sensors can be in the range of $200.00.

2Gig Keyfob

The key fob offers the ability to remotely arm and disarm your control panel. It can be used to arm in stay and away modes. There is also an auxiliary button that can be programmed for functions such as panic or a garage door opener.

2Gig Medical/Panic Pendant

The panic button can be used in the event of an emergency. The button works when the system is armed or disarmed. There are multiple attachments that allow you to use it on a wristband, belt clip or as a necklace.

2Gig Wireless Keypad

This accessory allows a wall mounted keypad that is operated on battery. There is no other power required. The panel allows you to arm and disarm in both away and stay modes of operation. There are also police and fire emergency buttons.

2Gig Wireless Touch Screen

This device allows for a secondary keypad that has the same functionality of main control panel. The panel requires a 14vdc transformer to operate.

Control Panel Programming

The programming for the  security   system  is setup in an easy to understand format. There are four basic areas of programming:

  • Wireless Zone Programming
  • Wired Zone Programming
  • Keyfob Programming
  • Keypad Programming

The entire  system  is very easy to program which makes for a quick install of your  home   security   system .