Work opportunities in Greece for the Summer months

Working abroad for the summer is something we long for as teenagers and as we get a little older and progress into university or work it’s something that becomes a little for difficult to manage we have other responsibilities tasks at hand, however, a two or three month break away, or even a career change could be exactly what you are looking for. There are countless opportunities in foreign countries that can take you away for a few months and possibly change your path. How would live in a greek villa for the summer or an apartment in Barcelona sound? No bad right. We have come across several opportunities for working abroad and for this article we are going to focus on the stunning setting of Greece. This is a country of ancient temples, mythology, stunning coastlines and countless Mediterranean beaches to discover, many of which could work that you might just be seeking. So, let’s check out some opportunities that could spark your interest and experience.

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Volunteering in a resort or entertainment facility:

This is aimed more to a younger crowd but volunteering in a bar or club for the summer is a great way to have fun, spend some time in the sun, explore exotic locations and make new friends. Most of the time the money is subsistence level allowing you to save a little while food and accommodation are provided for you.

Many of the islands of Greece such as Ios and Zakynthos are geared toward relaxing days and exciting nights giving you ample opportunity to experience both yourself. Every year thousands of late teens and early 20-year-old enjoy the summer working in bars, clubs and resorts carrying out any and all possible tasks that arise.

Most of the time trips parties and other events are provided for free or at a hugely reduced cost allowing you to have the same experiences as a guest but for a fraction of the price. Of course, this allows you to gain work experience in certain fields if you land a good position, otherwise, it is simply to pass the summer in an enjoyable manner.

Teach English:

This is one of the best ways to spend your summer and gain invaluable experience in the field of teaching and administration. Greece is just one of many countries around the world in which you can spend the summer teaching English and working alongside colleagues to further the aims of the companies and schools in which you work.

The two most common ways to find positions are to contact schools and camps etc which are running English classes throughout the summer months or the easier and more common way is to be hired by a company in your home country who set you up in positions abroad. These positions will either be at partner institutions in the home country or within the same company if they have branches abroad.

It is important to research these companies as some can be unscrupulous and set you up in precarious work positions, though throughout Europe they are held to a much higher standard.

In Greece, some locations that are on offer are with Athens, Crete and Rhodes. Working here will allow you to develop teaching and administration skills, discover Greek culture and find out if teaching is your callings. Most companies provide Accommodation, a fair-wage and in cases stipends for food and travel etc.

Work within a tourist company:

With such a huge influx of visitors throughout the summer months, tourism companies throughout Greece continually recruit staff for the summer months. It is especially helpful if you are bilingual, but this is never a requirement as most reputable companies will have staff on hand that can help in this situation.

Your roles could range anywhere form customer service, administrative tasks, developing tourist and marketing strategies or even running tours yourself. This would all depend on your abilities and experience, but it is a great way to learn and explore a new country and culture you might otherwise not have the opportunity to on a vacation.

Another option would be to work as a direct guide for certain companies. Cruise, yacht and bus tours always require more people to deal with the influx of visitors. They may require you to work on the ground bringing groups on expeditions and trips throughout the Greek countryside and through the myriad of islands that people come to discover every year.

Pre-arrangements and recruitment processes are usually required for this but the results in experience, work and employability possibilities afterwards would be great. Try to find established tour companies with a good reputation for safety and customer service, this should then be a better work environment for yourself also.

In conclusion:

Although these may only be temporary positions especially those geared towards the entertainment and volunteering aspects of the holiday season, it may result in long-term employment and opportunities within other companies.

Due to good reviews, you may be offered permanent positions in some of these positions such as teaching within schools throughout the academic year or in-house within the tourist companies.

Spending your summer in a tropical climate discovering a new country and culture while learning long-term life skills is something that everyone should attempt at least once, it doesn’t always work out but even from this, there are lessons to be learned and opportunities to develop future skills.

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