What Should Health Priorities Be?

The question of health priorities is an extremely important one, and a question that should effectively be both asked and answered by the individual themselves as to what their own health priorities are.

There is a tendency with all matters regarding health to refer to other people or so-called experts either at a governmental or medical or professional level.

The issue of health priorities actually refers to a person’s own specific needs, and such needs can only really be determined and understood by the individual themselves.The nature of an individual’s role in their own understanding about their health and to what extent they are responsible for it is quite a complex area.

Many people believe that life just happens and that they have no specific role in determining how they are affected by it. Other people believe that they have complete control over themselves and are responsible for everything that happens to them pretty much, especially as it affects their health.

In truth, both these positions are slightly extreme and the reality is that there are certain areas over one’s own health that one does have control of and there are certain areas that one does not have control of.

It is often in being able to distinguish what one does have control of and what one does not have control of that a real truth can emerge.As regards health priorities, this is an area that becomes more important as time progresses, and the cost of healthcare particularly health insurance and the scope of availability of health insurance becomes more difficult.

There may well be a shift in culture that forces people to own their own health concerns more, either by way of really embracing health prevention measures and health promotion activities, or by seeking more alternative methods of dealing with health care problems themselves, rather than simply relying on the advice and experience of qualified medical and nursing personnel.


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Health priorities inevitably are about an individual’s own needs, and should be focused on the areas of physical/emotional and social health, areas which are commonly referred to as lifestyles.

Lifestyle is quite a misleading term in so far as it is commonly used as a marketing term for a number of real estate and other related industries as a sales pitch rather than as a literal description of health priorities of an individual.

The key to understanding one’s own health priorities is actually in having the freedom to ask oneself what your priorities are. It is in the questioning that you come to understand your own needs and subsequently be able to process them.

Health priorities can also change very quickly, sometimes even on a daily basis, given how circumstances of oneself and one’s family can change in an instant.

Peter Main is freelance writer who writes extensively about health, healthcare and health insurance with a particular focus on current issues and debates, such as the state of healthcare reform and its implications for peoples health.