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The Pros and Cons of Blogger

Blogger is a great online blogging platform, which is free to join. You can set up a blog to help you earn money or to help to generate free traffic to other websites and your writings. Blogger is owned by Google, which means that it is a high-quality website; however, there are pros and cons to using the site as with any other site. Here are a few:

The Pros

Blogger is free to join and will even allow you to use a free subdomain, but at the same time, you can direct your blog to your own domain name, which is easy to set it up. The benefit of having your own domain name is that it will basically help you to look more professional. Unlike some blogging platforms, blogger allows you to put up affiliate ads and Google AdSense to help you make money. Blogger made it extremely easy for you to add Amazon products to your blog posts without you having to leave blogger. This is a huge time saver.

The Pros and Cons of Blogger 1

Another great benefit of setting up a blog with Blogger is that your blogs will naturally rank high within the search engines. Therefore, it is a great place for you to add links to your website or other articles on the web. Blogger is also extremely easy for anyone to get started with, as they walk you through the steps on how to get started. On top of that, the blogger also allows you to set up different blogs, which you can proudly display in your profile for others to visit.

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The Cons

Blogger is great, and they require that you maintain a high-quality blog. As a result, they will monitor your activities on the site. Basically, what they monitor is the number of ads you have up and the number of links that are pointing to the same site. If you fail to meet their standards, your blog will be deemed a spam blog, and as a result, your blog may be deleted without a warning or any notice. Another area where perhaps they could improve is to offer the users a wider variety of templates to choose from. However, don’t get me wrong, blogger is definitely a great blogging platform to help you generate lots of free traffic and an online residual income.

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