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Where It All Began
Nokia has been around since 1865, first as a paper mill in Southwestern Finland then as a Finnish rubber business. In 1967, a merger with Finnish Cable and the Nokia Corporation was born. In 1979 Nokia made a giant leap into the communications industry and never looked back. Today, Nokia is one of the premier telecommunications company and at the forefront of mobile telecommunications.

How It All Began
Nokia’s first phone was the 1011. 1011 referred to the date it was launched, the 10th of November. The memory held 99 phone numbers and talk time was just 90 minutes. There was no camera, no memory card, no Bluetooth and no Nokia signature ringtone. The Nokia 1011 had one thing that just about all phones and mobile devices have today and that is text messaging. The 1011 weighed just a shade over one pound and measured 7.67″x2.32″x1.77″. That weight and size made the Nokia 1011 a monster compared to today’s mobile deals


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Nokia Smart Phone
The smart phone is a handheld electronic device that integrates the functionality of a mobile phone, personal digital assistant and PC like capabilities. The device functions as a phone, camera, music and video player, GPS and many other functions and capabilities. Nokia first released a smart phone in 1996. The Nokia 9000 functioned as a PDA and phone device. It had 8 megabytes of memory, 4 megabytes for applications, 2 megabytes for program memory and 2 megabytes for user data. It was clunky in size compared to today’s devices. Today, Nokia offers a smart phone that is all in one. Not only can you make a call, you can surf the web, answer email, watch videos, listen to music, conduct business, check your calendar, shop and do research – all from one device. Whoever thought technology would bring us this far?

Nokia Today
Nokia is still the number one manufacturer of mobile phones in the world and one of the leaders developing mobile networks. As mobile usage continues to grow, Nokia is committed to developing affordable mobile devices. Their mission continues to contribute to economic growth and quality of life. Nokia is in the forefront guiding the convergence of computing, digital imaging, the Internet as well as telecommunications with its cutting edge products.

What Nokia Has To Offer

Nokia has a phone or mobile device to fit any needs, wants and budget. From basic phone to your own personal office center, there is a Nokia for you. Using the latest technology, Nokia is dedicated to improving telecommunications bringing all the necessary elements together. Nokia earns high marks for developing products that are intuitive and user friendly. Nokia makes it very easy to buy a Nokia phone or mobile device. will bring you to the home of Nokia products, promotions and deals. Not only will you find the product to fit your needs, you will find the support and customer service to help out if a problem should arise. Nokia is one of the few that has it all going on.
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