How To Know If It’s A Glass Weed Pipe Or Worse

Depending on how you were raised or the type of family you were brought in, one of your worst nightmares might be discovering a glass weed pipe in your very own child’s drawer and not knowing what to do with it or about it. There’s a ton of factors that go into this kind of thing and there’s no one set way to deal with this type of situation. Everybody is different and drugs affect everybody in different ways, so it’s best not to react in a uniform matter at these sorts of things. If you were never really exposed to drugs when you were young though, your first step should probably be making sure that it really is just a glass weed for pipe, and for something more serious.
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Glass pipes aren’t only used for smoking weed. There’s actually other kinds of pipes that are used for some more serious and harmful drugs like crack, meth, and any other chemical that can be vaporized. It’s generally a very simple matter to identify the difference between a pipe for weed and a pipe for other chemical drugs. Your first tell is if the pipe is colorful and shaped sort of like a spoon with a handle and a ‘bowl’ at the end that kind of dips in, it most likely is a weed glass pipe. With a weed pipe, the inside of the bowl should be charred and ashy, while a crack or meth pipe should have a round bulb with a charred bottom at the end of the handle with an open top. This is because the method for smoking these very different kinds of drugs is entirely different.

Another important indicator which might help if you’re still feeling confused, is the smell of course. Marijuana has a very skunky, earthy smell and if you smell the pipe you should be able to detect hints of that but of course it will also smell like stale, burnt plant matter. It can be tough to describe the smell of chemical drugs like crack or meth but they are usually described as toxic, burning plastic sort of scents. Consult experts before doing anything too hasty, this sort of situation is very volatile and should be handle with extreme delicacy and maturity, regardless of what type of pipe it is in the end.

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