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Are you a gadget golfer that loves the latest gadget to make your golf more fun? I have to say some of the latest gadgets are pretty useful, especially the Para Golfer and the Shadow Caddie; I was taken aback by these innovations, especially to read that they are already in service on some golf courses.

Para golfer

Have you seen the Para golfer Buggy? This is a most impressive piece of equipment. It is an actual electric buggy with a chair lift that raises the disabled golfer upright, a leg harness secures the legs, and the upper body is also supported so that the disabled golfer can make a proper golf swing action. Then the support collapses with the chair seat taking the disabled person back to the sitting position and driving the buggy after the ball. This remarkable Para-golfer Buggy truly enables the disabled golfer to pursue the passion that is Golf.

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Shadow Caddie

Another amazing gadget that came to my attention is a golf buggy given the name Shadow Caddie. This cute little buggy is not for sitting on; it just carries your golf bag, and believe it or not, with no physical contact, it follows you around the golf course. Obviously, you carry a homing device in your pocket to control it. At the moment, though, you will have to make your own decision when it comes to club selection, but not having to carry your bag up and down them, their hills, has to be a major plus. You could actually leave the wife at home. LoL.

Shadow Caddy is a completely new golf Buggy; except you do not ride on it, you are free to enjoy your walk and concentrate on your game without the distraction of dragging your clubs around. It is a robotic caddy that faithfully follows you around the course, carrying your bags just like a human caddy, but without the on-course knowledge and encouragement.

You settle your bag on your Shadow Caddy, and off you go, no fiddling with remote controls, you carry a transmitter with you, and off you go. This Shadow Caddy is available at several courses in Australia and is now trialing in the United Kingdom at The Buckinghamshire Golf Club. I have not seen this clever golf gadget in the US yet, though I suspect it will not belong.

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Golf Swing Analyzer Watch

Notwithstanding these amazing devices, along comes a Watch like no other; this one actually analyses your golf swing, Tempo, Rhythm, Backswing Length, Clubhead speed, and it tells the time how good is that. You can monitor your golf swing whenever you play or practice; this is a must-have gadget. Other Golf gadgets include, of course, the Golf GPS Device.

Golf GPS Devices

The Golf GPS, which stands for [Global Positioning System,]. This is the, find me anywhere in the world by satellite tracking gadget. With most GPS units, you will have to register with a tracking system, usually with the maker of the unit, for instance: Bushnell, Golf Buddy, or Ski Caddie. This sometimes results in a monthly charge as in membership, and you will have to register for the courses you play.

Which means that if you wish to use your GPS device on a golf course that is not on your Tracking register, you will have to get in touch with your membership and register that course? Once done, the course will stay on the system, so you will not have to re-register to you play that course in a few months.

Laser Range Finders

Yet another popular Golf Gadget is the Laser Range Finder. Here we have a somewhat similar device to a pair of binoculars, except that this unit fires a laser beam at your chosen target. The beam bounces back to your device, which then electronically calculates the time it took for the beam to send and receive, thus calculating the target’s distance, be it a flag, green, hazard, or your ball position.

The resulting data is shown to you through the lens vision. This device does not have to be registered as it does not use Global Positioning Systems. It is completely self-contained and does not rely on any outside influences such as satellites. You switch on point to the target, push a button, and receive the measurement required. As with all these devices, the GPS and the laser Range Finders, there are many makes and models such as Bushnell or Nikon, so you really need to research the device you choose before you purchase.

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