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Eight Practice Gadgets You Need To Improve At American Football

Technology is transforming the world of sports in unique ways. Players can now enhance their athleticism through innovative data collected and analyzed by wearables. Such gadgets record their body performance and environmental conditions in the game. 

These devices, including wearable patches, headbands, helmets, cameras, and sensors, to mention a few, are wi-fi enabled and interconnected through the internet of things (IoT) to give real-time results. You can have the wearables and still access your favorite NFL odds.

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The following are eight gadgets you need to practice American football better.

1. X-Patch

X2 Biosystems developed X-Patch in response to the high cases of head injuries recorded in the National Football League (NFL). X-Patch comprises patches with sensors worn in the mouth within the upper gum shield and behind the ears. The sensors record head impacts and send the data recorded to apps simultaneously. You can add the device to your training package to enhance your safety while practicing and reduce the severity of head concussions.

2. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tags

The National Football League (NFL) has partnered with Zebra Technologies to develop radio frequency identification (RFID) tags worn on footballers’ shoulder pads. 

These tags complement receivers installed around the stadium and training arenas that send real-time data to coaches and fans worldwide. 

The RFID tags and receivers provide valuable stats, such as the players’ speed, acceleration, distance covered, and gaps maintained from other players.


3. BlackBox Biometrics’ Linx IAS

Linx IAS is a sensor fitted in the inner side of a headband and gets into contact with the skull to record and analyze head impacts. It sends the data to a complementary app that measures the impact. 

The company behind this technology, BlackBox Biometrics, created this device to measure traumatic brain injuries among US troops.


4. HighandTight

Fumbles are common in American football, and to reduce them, Tom Creger created HighandTight. This device has sensors that sound an alarm if you’re not holding the ball properly and tightly to your body. You can utilize this technology in your training to ensure that no fumbles happen when you get to the real action in the field.

5. Catapult OptimEye S5

Like the RFID tags, Catapult OptimEye S5 tracks the players’ movements in the field, analyzes the data, and provides real-time insights into the players’ performance. 

The device’s sensors measure velocity, acceleration, and spin rate, which are essential indicators of peak performance. You can rely on the Catapult OptimEye S5 to check such data to improve your training and become a better footballer.


6. Bootcamp

BioStamp sensor is a wearable patch developed by MC10 to reduce head injuries. The device is quite advanced technologically since it uses data analytics and machine learning to provide fitness feedback. 

Bootcamp has been used in the medical field to monitor health status and offer interventions among patients with Parkinson’s disease. If you’re looking for a device that will give you quality feedback on your fitness status and lower your risk of traumatic brain injury, BioStamp is one of the most reliable.


7. Vicis Zero1

Helmets are probably the essential protective wear in American football. The head is usually the most vulnerable body part to be injured during an NFL match affecting your team’s NFL lines. It is vital to have the correct helmet, like Vicis’ Zero1. 

The company designed this equipment with high-end engineering to ensure that it absorbs the impact in the event of a collision on behalf of the player. 

Giving priority to the safety of the head is vital to ensure that you reduce the chances of getting concussions and away matches in the National Football League (NFL).

8. Wearable Experiments’ Fan Jersey

Finally, you can improve your training experience by inviting your fans to join you virtually, giving them a near-real experience of playing American football. Wearable Experiments recently introduced Fan Jersey, which utilizes sensory technology to arouse the wearers’ senses through haptic vibrations generated in its fabric. This state-of-the-art wearable brings excitement and adrenaline rush among fans as they become part of the game, feeling every touchdown, interception, and field goal scored by the players.


Utilizing these devices in training and practice will help you to improve your football performance while keeping your health in check and reducing the risks of injuries. In the end, you can explore Vegas NFL odds with ease.

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