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Corporate Gifting Ideas – tips, advice & etiquette

Gifts are a great way to show appreciation or congratulate someone for good work done. In the corporate world, you may want to present your employee, colleague, partner, client, or even your boss with a gift! But, it is imperative to choose the right gift so that the sentiment that you will express is done so correctly.

When it comes to giving your clients gifts, remember special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries as these will win you brownie points. You can send them a personal handwritten note along with an elegant gift like a set of ties or even a perfume. You will be appreciated, and your brand will be held in good standing.

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Moving on to gifting ideas for your employees, you need to remember that happy employees will be motivated and productive employees. Recognizing their hard work will ensure their continued loyalty to your company. While you do not have to be extravagant with your gifts, simple items like a box of chocolates or a new, personalized diary can go a long way in making them feel appreciated.

Another way to choose corporate gifts would be to look at the occasion you are presenting the token. You could choose to gift people around specific holidays or festivals that are important to them. For example, around Diwali, you could gift people lamps, ceramic items that can be kept around the house or their cabins, and even diaries and photo frames. If you’re gifting people around Christmas, you could add a festive touch by accompanying your gift with a cake or a box of chocolates.

If you are using corporate gifts to promote your brand or company, your best option would be to choose an object customized with the company’s name and logo. This will ensure that your company name is always visible. If you are using these gifts to acknowledge business partners or long-standing clients, make sure you do not cut corners when choosing a gift worthy of the recipient. Buying something cheaper in price will lower the image of your company.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing gifts for corporate occasions-
  1. Try to choose a gift that will be useful to the person receiving it. This will ensure that they are constantly thinking of your brand.
  2. Choose creative gifts that will stand out from those being given by your competitors.
  3. Don’t segregate people based on what gift to give them. Whether it is your employee, boss, or client, keep one standard gift for everyone.

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