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5 of the best blogs about blogging for non-techie creatives

Blogs about blogging? Obvious, right? While driving the commute into the city and listening to a podcast, I had an a-ha moment. It was one of those profound moments that occur when someone says something so simple, so profound, that it’s almost embarrassing to see the light bulb go on above your head. I think it was Ali, from Gimme Some Oven, who said to Elise (on her awesome, inspiring, and real podcast) who said, “Everything I’ve ever learned about blogging, I’ve learned from other bloggers.

Why Your Small Business Must Start a Blog

There you go – not so deep after all, is it? But yet, all there is to know about blogging can be learned by reading blogs themselves. And that is a profound truth indeed. While there are plenty of blogs about blogging, and about other things that sometimes include blogging, the five below are the ones that have spoken most loudly to me, crawled through the screen, grabbed my attention, held me riveted for hours, and taught me so much. Melyssa Griffin created her “slice of #HELLYES” as a graphic and web designer and blogging expert, and

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Quickly transformed her hobby blog into a five-figured business by helping small businesses and bloggers. Give her your email address, and she’ll give you access to the TNC blogging library (probably one of the best opt-in incentives I’ve found) which has guides, e-bo0ks, and worksheets that will help you to create a media kit.

Learn about SEO, define your audience… and so on. Created by master blogger Darren Rowse, there’s probably no one on earth better qualified to teach us about blogging. His 31 Day to Build a Better Blog challenge and podcast is such a useful exercise drawing on his experience, and he is down to earth, humble, and so utterly reassuring for those of us who are scared cats.

Abby is such a great person – someone I’ve come to see as a virtual friend, more than merely a blogger. What started as a hobby to occupy some time grew quickly into a business that she’s now joined full-time by her husband, Donnie, a general technology mastermind. Although her blog is about DIY, home life, and organization, the monthly income reports they share and the blogging resources she creates are, for me, foundation – intimidating, fresh, and encouraging. I also highly recommend her book, Building a Framework.

The blogging world is full of awesome people – so when I tell you that Bjork from FoodBloggerPro and his wife Lindsay (from awesomely popular food blog Pinch of Yum) are also amazing people – and know Donnie and Abby well – please don’t think that my penchant for exaggeration has got in the way of my judgment!

FoodBloggerPro is a membership website primarily for food bloggers, but I came across Bjork’s free content and blog posts during previous (mis)adventures in blogging, and he has helped me so much. Recently, after listening to his amazing podcast, I emailed him about some feedback on our editing service, and he couldn’t have been more polite, friendly, or awesome in (virtual) person as he is on his public channels.

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