Music – A Soliloquy

It is usually said and often quoted that ‘music is life’; but remember life itself is a bundle of so many varieties of music! Just have a look around and you will be able to see and comprehend the involvement of music with each and every thing associated with life! In fact you will be really astonished to see the vast ocean of music which is flowing abundantly around you! Look inside your heart and ponder for a moment. Listen carefully! Can’t you hear and feel the soft music which is vibrating inside of your inner heart? That is the force with which we live and that is ‘life’s music’!

Even the way we breathe has got ‘music’ in it and that ‘music’ is our life! Search for it and you will certainly find a tint of music in the way we talk, we laugh and in the way we cry! The manner in which this fantastic nature behaves itself is full of music. Think of this wide universe for a moment, in the usual way as an enormous ball which is good for our assumption. Try to picture out the giant ball which is revolving round its imaginary axis! What else is this, other than the intoxicating and enchanting music! The giant lively ball, revolving round its own axis and at the same time orbiting the mighty sun! There also, what else you can see other than the ever lasting and rhythmic music! Think of the moon which revolves round the earth; there also the all conquering majestic beauty of music is visible. The innumerable stars, the ‘milky way’, the floating butterflies, the blossoming of a flower, all these give us the enchanting thrill of the eternal music! The whole of nature is having a touch of music and the total environment is fully dipped in music! If you watch closely, you will see that even the changing of weather is having a rhythm which can be attributed to music!

The great German philosopher ‘Friedrich Nietzsche’, who lived in the 19th century, had once observed that, “Without music, life would be a mistake!” What a nice way to express the greatness of music! The entire world will be a bare ground without the presence of music! Think of the cute, little one just coming out of its mother’s womb making that delightful sound, with which you will get a heavenly feeling. What else is this, other than the vibration of the eternal music!

Why some of the music troupes become the ’emotion’ of the general population throughout the world sometimes! We have seen that at times that it is breaking the barriers of nationality, religion or language! It is simply because of the magical or enchanting spirit that is generated by the ‘music’ they create! Here in India there are so many immortal stories about music passed from generations to generations which convey the beauty and divinity of music. One among them is about the great ‘Tansen’, (who lived during the time of the great mughal emperor ‘Akbar’) which emphasizes the quality and strength of music. It is believed that he was able to create rain with his ‘megha malhar raga’, a divine raga of the Indian music tradition! Soliloquy, this is often quoted as an example of the magnitude and depth of music. It is true that music can change your moods! For example the ‘morning raga’ of the traditional Indian music is capable of creating a typical freshness within you in the early hours of the dawning time. Similarly when you feel dull and moody, if you can hear some smooth ragas you are sure to get back to the ‘lively mood’. There are people who believe that music is capable of curing some mental diseases.


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One thing is sure and certain. Music is divine and has got magical powers. The whole world is twined up in music; you can’t separate music and life! Let me say once more and you can underline the words; without music, life will be a bare ground without any ‘life’!

I am a graduate in English Literature and presently I am working as a ‘freelance writer’. I belong to Kerala, a small state in India and my place of residence is at Ottapalam. This place forms a big part of the ‘Valluvanad’ area which has got a rich ancient culture and the social conditions are really wonderful. Even though the presence of the all the main religions and their sub divisions are deep rooted, the social life is really smooth and is in a harmonious way.