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How To Create Content That Helps Improve Your Reputation

Even the best people can garner an ugly mark on their reputation, and the same holds for personal brands and companies alike. You can’t necessarily control what goes live on the World Wide Web when it comes to the bad press that paints your brand in a negative light. So, when you realize some negative publications are bringing down your professional reach or capabilities, you have to get creative to lower the volume on the ugly noise.

The key to reputation management, which is not always an easy feat, is counteracting the bad with the good, and content is a nice way to make that happen. Here are a few keys to creating content that helps improve your reputation.

Define Your Goals and Stick to That Plan with Published Pieces

Clearly defined goals are vital when you start creating content to get your reputation back in a healthy place. Consider what you are trying to negate, and use that idea to build new content concepts to spring from. For example, if your company has received a great deal of negative coverage regarding customer service, you would need content that shows and covers how your company went above and beyond with customer service.

Use a Combination Approach to Building Reputation-Improving Content

The best-built plan for getting your reputation pieces published is to strive for a healthy mix of avenues. You could easily create your own content for your website or otherwise where you own the space, but sponsored posts like press releases or media coverage can be even better. You can actually even pay for your content to be posted on other websites. Attempting to place content in only one place may not always yield the most effective outcome.

Use the Power of SEO to Your Advantage

SEO (search engine optimization) is a huge deal when you are crafting content to be placed anywhere, whether you are trying sponsored pieces or creating blogs for your website. SEO involves using pertinent keywords and phrases to help search engines track and rank your content. When done properly, you can take a piece that you want to get as much web traffic as possible and make sure it is listed right there, front page, on a search engine results page. In fact, you can oftentimes get positive content higher on the list than whatever negative information you are trying to tune out.

Work with a Reputation Management Firm

As noted earlier, creating content so that the content actually buries the negative information out there is not easy. A few misguided steps could waste time, effort, and money and not do much to counteract negativity in the process. If you are not so great with content creating, the best way to build sponsored content, and the nuances of such a niche effort, be sure to work with reputation management services to help you out.

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